Abuse and trauma may follow a woman forever, but the past never has to be a life sentence. This documentary follows Christine Stark, a writer, painter, activist, and international speaker. A survivor of prostitution, Chris shares her story of overcoming the trauma and replenishing her soul with art and activism. It will show the untold stories, such as the increasing issue of sex trafficking on the Duluth Harbor. Home to the largest lake in the country, Lake Superior, the city of Duluth has very little knowledge of the crimes being committed in the area. Duluth Harbor is one of the busiest inland ports in the country. Chris has spoken about this particular problem on previous newscasts and online articles conducted quite a few years ago. Still being a pressing issue, she will address the problem in this documentary.


"Pennies from Heaven" is listed in here! We're on the road to production and we've just been announced as a fiscally sponsored project for SIMA!


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