"I believe music and film go together so well because they are in a sense the same thing."

Michael Vignola is a Multi-Award Winning Composer born and raised in New York City. Known for his unique expression, multi-faceted range and attention to detail, his music blurs the lines between Music and Sound Design. Michael's track record is a testament to his commitment and love for the craft and is always looking to push the boundaries of creation that you might not expect. Vignola loves to build themes that weave in and out of the storyline in which he says gives the film a musical consciousness. At the age of 10, he began learning piano and also taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 15 which lead him to play in multiple indie bands in the NYC area from 1997-2008 and traveling all around the country on a Tour called "The Vans Warped Tour" in 2006. It was in 2016 that Michael started composing full-time and has since won multiple awards on various projects, to releasing his first solo LP in Dec. 2018 called "The Place Between Time". This album is a collection of works from various stages. 

Michael as 28 years in writing and arranging music and 21 years in recording, mixing and mastering.


Film Genres Michael enjoys working in: (In no particular order)Thrillers, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Documentaries, Action, Horror, Fantasy, Crime Film, War Film, Modern Western, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Indie Film, Neo-Noir.



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